Google Image SEO 2021: Never Miss it, Best Opportunity for you

Google Image SEO 2021: Never Miss it, Best Opportunity for you

Google Image SEO 2021
Google Image SEO 2021: Never Miss it, Best Opportunity for you

You all have an opportunity to rank in google image. Do you really want to gain extra traffic with optimizing image for search engine. If yes, you are at the right place. Here you will get complete researched and well content about how to do Image SEO. Most of the people are optimizing their website for getting organic traffic from google products. Google Products such as (Google Search Engine, Google Image, Google News, etc.

Today, you have chance to grab traffic from google Image. It is free and organic. Also it is good for branding as well. If you really believe on Google Image optimization and want to learn in depth. Here you will get each techniques in a simple and easy words.

According to Think with Google, In past two years 60% of the images searches has increased. . Therefore, we should never miss any chance on google images.

1. Before starting image SEO, Check copyright

If you are in 2021, then it is compulsory for you to know about the case.

According to pressherald, U.S. Postal Service $3.5 million in a copyright infringement lawsuit.

According to attorney Edward Greenberg, “99% [of copyright infringement cases] are handled on a confidential basis…”

I am making aware you that if you are in 2021, then you can’t ignore this. Before doing anything you must have to sure that you are using original image. Because in 2021, you can not work with copyright content, copyright images. There are some website which sell images, if you use there images. Then it is copyrighted. List of the some website given below.


How to find free image through google images. Search related keywords on google and click on Images showing search engine result page. Then click on Tools showing right hand side. After clicking on Tools, click on usage right. Then choose Creative common licenses. You will get all images are copyrighted free. Read more about or check on google.

2. Start with Choosing Image Format

First of all you, you have to understand the format of the image. Because, as there are many types of format are available for image. But the best format for google Image SEO 2021 .png, .jpeg, Webp, etc.

If you think to use quality image and do not care about the size. Then, you can use the .png images.

But if you think that size matter, you don’t want to share high quality image and are very focusing to site loading speed. Then you should focus on .jpeg form.

Here is another one which is a Webp image format. You have checked your website speed on google Pages Speed, then you must have seen there. That It recommends to use webp image format.

3. Optimize Size of Image for website, Compress

Compressing image is very important to loading on site fast. As you know that website loading speed matter in 2021. If you are SEO industry, you can not publish images on website without optimizing for the site.

There are some of the best tool for image compression. such as compressjpeg, tinyjpg, iloveimg, These tools can help your images to load fast on website.

4. Write Image filename, caption, alt tag, and description

Before publishing an image on the website. You need to put the right filename, caption, alt tag, and description for the images. If you are in 2021, then you can not ignore about this. For Image optimization in 2021, you need to put the right filename, caption, alt tag, and description in images.

5. Mention the size of Images

Images are important, but you need to mention the size of the images. For wordpress users, there is no need to worry because they have option while publishing images on site. It is good, because if you don’t mention size of image. It will not work in 2021, and website will not look better. If you want to make your site attractive, then it is mandatory to mention the size of the image on the website.

6. Image should be mobile friendly

As you know that most of the website are providing images that are fine on desktop but not looking good in mobile. This create problem for mobile users and do not look good in mobile devices. If you want to make your website looking find on desktop, then you have to work for the mobile SEO.

As you know that Thinkwithgoogle has mentioned in his report that more than 50% traffic is coming through only mobile as compare of tablet and computer, desktop, etc.

7. Add images on OG Tag

OG tag also known as open graph tag. It is good for Facebook. If you want to rank your website on Facebook in an attractive manner. Then, you have to mention a code on your site. <meta property=”og:Image” content=”URL of Images” />

If you are on WordPress, then you need to just install Yoast Plugin, it will handle more work of you related to Search Engine Optimization. In 2021, Social Media has become more convenient, therefore you should use this.

8. Add Images on Twitter Card

You have seen that twitter is the most popular social blogging site. Where you tweet. If you want to work in 2021 with images SEO. You should not forget to work for twitter card. If you want to attract more users from twitter on your site, then you have to post there as well. But for getting high traffic from Twitter. You need to use summary large image on your coding so that your complete image could show on the twitter.

9. Add images Schema

If you want to bring your site on google with a feature snippet. Then, you can not ignore about the image markup. If you are ranking on google, you should check your ranking on google images as well. Because in thesedays people are working on Google news, google images, and google search engine as well.

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