Google Pagespeed with 6 Matrix: Simple with Step by Step

Google Pagespeed with 6 Matrix: Simple with Step by Step

Google Page Speed is very important tool in 2021 era. It is used to measure the speed of the website on mobile and desktop. As google has brought many algorithm to load website speed fast on mobile and desktop on both tool as well. Here you will learn Google Pagespeed with 6 Matrix with the latest information and data.

Google Pagespeed with 6 Matrix
Google Pagespeed with 6 Matrix Given on the image check above with underline as well as indicating an arrow sign.

If you use google search console tool, you will find that google has brought a new update on november 2020. In Google Search console, under Experience and below Page Experience you will find “Core Web Vitals”. In core web vitals google has added 3 important things there. They were Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), First Contentful Paint (FCP).

As per the Search Engine Journal has also mentioned that Core Web Vitals is going to become the major update for the website from may 2021. Now if you check your website speed on Google Pagespeed, you will find that it is showing you 6 matrixes which we are going to know today in details.

These Google Pagespeed’s 6 Matrix denoted as 3 colors

There are 3 colors Green, Orange and Red. Each color are playing a major role in its data. we will understand about these 3 colors with the matrix specifically.

For your information, let me tell you. The Green color denotes the website is good and there is no need to improve. The Orange color denotes that website is under warning and need to improve but it is not in highly danger zone. And the last color Red Color denotes that your website needs to highly improvement. It is a sign of showing that your website can be penalized with negative ranking.

1. First Contentful Paint

It is simple to understand, the name of the heading says first contentful paint. Means how many time your website takes to appearing your website with paint full content. FCP shows three color with the time in second.

According to If your website opens within 0 to 1.8 second then it will look in green color in Google PageSpeed. This refers that your website is opening fast on google search engine. But if your website opens with first contentful paint between 1.8 seconds to 3 seconds then it will look in orange color. It means that your website needs improvement becuase it is opening medium. The danger sign is Red color, it is appear when your website will open above 3 second with FCP. That time you will have to work hard to improve your First Contentful Paint.

2. Speed Index

It is something similar one with FCP but the time duration is totally different of it. How you can measure it? When you check your website speed in google pagespeed then, Lighthouse report it. You can easily check it with three magic colors such as Green, Orange, and Red.

According to the Report: It is the measurement how quickly your page open during the time. If your website opens within  3.4 second, it is a good because it will look in Green Color. Your website is completely opening between 3.4 second to 5.8 second it will look in orange color. It shows that you need to work to increase speed of the website. But if you get more than 5.8 second it will look in red color and bad from SEO percepective.

3. Largest Contentful Paint

It is the measurement of how quickly your large content painted when users open your website on his own devices. It is very important to improve.

According to the report: If your website’s large part of the content is painted for users within 2.5 second, it shows in green color. But if it takes more than 2.4 seconds but no more than 4 second if will look in orange color. It says that you need to improve your website. But if site is taking more than 4 second to open website on search engine. It will look in red color which is a danger zone.

4. Time to Interactive

Time to Interactive also known as TTI is a matrix of Google Lighthouse. The purpose of this matrix is to tell you about the how many second your website takes to appear as a FCP. It is measured by the FCP.

Important TTI metric:

If your site opens within 3.8 it looks in Green color which is the simple of fast in Google Page Speed. If your site open within 3.9 second to 7.3 second, it will look in Orange. Which tells that your site need to improvement. But your site FCP is taking more than 7.3 second to open, meas you need to make your site better. It will look in Red Color.

5. Total Blocking Time

It is very simple to understand. It is a matrix of time duration between First Contentful Paint (FCP) and Time to Interactive. How many time is your website is taking is between both or the difference between both it the TBT.

As per the Generally 20 milliseconds is good for the matrix.  See statics, If it is taking time between 200 millisecond to 600 millisecond, you need to improve it. But more than 600 millisecond is the worse for the website.

6. Cumulative Layout Shift

Cumulative Layout Shift is the matrix that explain about your website opening performance. For example you have seen in some website that as you open it takes time to open full load and some of data hid. These types of activity that is happening on your website will be annoying to users. And Google will never rank those website on search engine.


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