Google Search Console 2021: An Introduction Part for Beginners

Google Search Console 2021: An Introduction Part for Beginners

Google Search Console (GSC) is a google webmaster tools that helps to publish your website on search engine. If you want to publish your content on search engine you need to first index your site on search console. This is An Introduction Part of Beginners of Google Search Console 2021.

google search console 2021
Google Search Console 2021: An Introduction Part for Beginners

For your information you should know that google has started its services on 20 may 2015. That time, it was google webmaster tools. But during September 2019, Google changed its surface and name as well. Now, the name of webmaster has replaced with google search console.

To Activate google search console on your site you have to activate it. How? Here is the step-by-step process to add website on Google Search console in 2021.

Important Parts of Google Search Console 2021

Organ of Google Search Console, If you open dashboard, then you fill find there some technical words. Such as Overview, URL Inspection, Performance, Index, Experience, Enhancement, Security & Manual Actions, Legacy tools and Report and other.

Here you will get the best explanation of each of words so that you can understand it simply.

1. Overview

It is the essence of the tool search console, here you will get to indexation of your site, Performance table, Experiences table, Enhancement, coverage report, etc.

2. URL Inspection

URL Inspection is the great tool for SEO to index website URL on search engine in a minute. If you have seen the dashboard of this you must have seen it on dashboard. You can know more about it on this video.

3. Performance

It tells about your website link showing on google search engine, google discover, google news, etc. It gives the mathematics calculation of the impression and clicks. If you want to know from which queries, and from where your users come on your website through google search engine, google discover, google news, etc. you can know here with detail information.

4. Index

It tell you the report of indexation related. How many page of your sites have been indexed on search engine. Any problem is facing by search engine to index your site, will see here. It is a great tool to find out out the problem.

Most of the SEO Experts says it a great free tool which tell the problems facing by google bot on any devices. If you don’t know on your site, it can tell you each problem with solution. It gives the information of Coverage Report, Sitemap or Removals, etc.

5. Experience

This is a very important section of Google Search console in 2021. It tell many things about user perspective report. If any error occurring here should resolve as soon as possible. Mainly it tells about the Page Experience, Core Web Vitals, Mobile Usability, etc.

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6. Enhancement

If you are using any kind of schema or amp page, it will show here. Here you get the information about error in schema or not. If search engine is facing any kind of error with your website related to the schema. It will show here. Some common option under Enhancement are as follow: AMP, Breadcrubms, How to, Logos, Sitelinks SearchBox, etc.

7. Security & Manual Actions

It will show you “No issues detected” which means that your website is not facing any kind of error. If your site is not appearing on search engine, then you must check here in both option given below in security & Manual actions: Manual Actions and Security Actions.

8. Legacy tools and Report

First of all you should understand it that, it has not bring in new search console till now. It contains robots.txt Tester, URL Parameters Tool, International Targeting, Data Highlighter tool, Messages report, Crawl rate settings, Web tools. But if you want to search about these tools your can go there with the given link under Legacy tools and Report.

9. Other

Google search console 2021 also gives you information about the link internal link as well as external links. This section reports you about links and setting.


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