How to add Website on Google Analytics

How to add Website on Google Analytics: Step by Step

How to add Website on Google Analytics
How to add Website on Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the best free tool for the all marketers to see the users interaction on the website. It gives complete analytics about the about the users. What users are doing on your website.

If you have any website or working for a website, you must have seen the google analytics. If not, you can click here to see the google analytics demo account.

Access here google analytics demo account, it will give you complete information about the google analytics.

As you should know that google analytics share with us Real-Time Report, Audience Report, Acquisition Report, Behaviour Report, Conversions Report.

Do you want to know about the Google Analytics Beginners Guide.

How to add Website on Google Analytics

There may be multiple reasons to use to the google analytics. But aiming will be same, that is to know about the customer/users/viewers/ etc.

Ok First we start with set up of google analytics. It is very simple, you just need to follow the very simple directions given below. And your analytics will activate within 3-5 minutes.

1. First of all you have to go to the browser and search there, Google Analytics, or you can go there with one click.

2. It will ask you to sign with google account. After sign in, it will arrive you in a new dashboard.

3. On that new dashboard of google analytics, You can to click on create google analytics.

Account Setup

4. Then you have to follow first stage that is Account Setup for the google analytics. Fill there Account Name, In this account, you have options to share analytics data with your choice people. You can share your google analytics report with Google products & services, Benchmarking, Technical support, Account specialists.

5. Then you have to click on Next.

Property Setup

6. 2nd Stage is known as Property Setup, Here you define, for which product. You will use Google Analytics. You have to just put the name of the property. Also you can define the Time zone. Then, Currency of your country is preferable. Because it helps you understand the market better.

Note: For your information, let me define you that. Currently google analytics providing the latest version of analytics, that is GA4, but earlier we had Universal Analytics (UA). If you want the old version of Analytics as given above as a testing Google analytics, link. For this you have to just click on show the advance version and click on “Create a Universal Analytics property”.

Add Website on Google Search Console 2021: Step By Step

About your Business

Last step comes with about your business. Here you have to mention about your website/Apps.

7. Select one Industry related with your website, it will give you information. If you don’t want to be specific, you can click on other.

8. Put there Business Size, how many people are working in your industry.

9. Now you have to select the options that apply in your business. You can select all if you don’t know about it in deep.

10. Click on Create. Then you have to accept. Hurray! You Google account is created.

Now you have to setup your google account.

Now it is time to put a small google analytics java code on your website/Android App/IOS App. It should be in <head> section just above of the <body> tag.

There are 2 types of Google analytics code: 1. UA Code, 2. GA Code.

For getting UA Code

If you want an old analytics dashboard, you need to put the Universal Analytics Code on your site. For getting UA analytics code you just need to go to your google analytics dashboard with the same G-mail ID. If it is same, then don’t mind. Go to the google analytics dashboard.

Go to Admin > Tracking Info > Tracking Code. Copy the code and paste on your site between <head> UA Code </head>.

For Getting GA Code

Sign in with the same Google Analytics account, if already sign in.

Go to the Admin Area > Data Stream > Click on (Web) > fill there Website URL and name> Click on Create Stream.

Now you will get a new dashboard. Go below under Tagging Instructions > Add New on Page > Global site tab >

Copy the code and paste on your site as the instruction given there.

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