How to Connect Google Analytics to YouTube, WordPress, Google Ads, GSC

How to Connect Google Analytics to AdSense, WordPress, Google Ads, Google Search Console, YouTube, etc

Google Analytics has become the most preferable web analytics tool in 2021. Because it’s a free tool. Today you will know that How to Connect Google Analytics to YouTube, WordPress, Google Ads, GSC. You can learn The Beginners Guide to Google Analytics 2021. It will give you a simple and easy steps.

How to Connect Google Analytics
How to Connect Google Analytics to YouTube, WordPress, Google Ads, GSC

How to Connect Google Analytics to WordPress

It is very easy to connect GA with WordPress. For this you first have to create Google Analytics Tracking Code. You have to just go the WordPress Plugin Option, There you have to download one plugin that is “Header and Footer Plugin“. Go to the Google Analytics.

Google Analytics > Admin > Under Property, Click on Tracking Info> Tracking Code. Copy this code and paste in Head section of the WordPress Plugin. Click on Save Button.

Now you are ready to see data of your website on google analytics.

How to Connect GA to Google Ads

As we know that Google Analytics is the largest using tool in industry. It can also connect with the Google Ads to get the report in google analytics. It is very simple to first you have to go in Google Ads.

Go to Google Ads > Setup > Linked Account > Click on Details under in Google
Analytics > now you will get option to link option >  Click on the link option to connect with google analytics.

To connect in google analytics you have to just follow the direction given below.

Go to Google Analytics >  Go to in Property Column > Click on Google Ads Linking under (Product Link) > Click on the Link.

Now your google ads will automatically connect with you google analytics.

To see the Users on search console on analytics. You just need to follow the instructions given below.

Go to the G. Analytics > Audience >  Google Ads

How to Connect GA to Google Search Console

Note: Before this you need to create google search console ID. If don’t know let’s create one first. Should Read: Add Website on Google Search Console 2021: Step By Step

Google Search console is a free webmaster tool. It can help your site to index your website on the search engine. There is a complete work how to connect Analytics with Search Console.

You have to just go to the G. Analytics and follow the steps given below.

Google Analytics > Click on All Google Product under Google Analytics > Click on Link Search Console. It will arrive you in a new window. Here you can search, on which property you want to select it. Then click on the property it will connect automatically.

Hurray! now you see your search console data on analytics. Wait for the report and you can follow the given direction below to see the data.

Google Analytics > Audience >  Search Console

How to Connect Google Analytics to YouTube

But now you will disappoint to know about the news of Search Engine Journal. Google Analytics Stops Collecting Data From YouTube Channels from February 1, 2021.

YouTube is a most widely using video platform in the world. It’s a google product. Here we will learn how to connect google analytics with YouTube Account.

If you want see your YouTube traffic and each data on google analytics. You can do so, for this you have to go to the Google Analytics. Then, you have to click on admin part of the GA. In Admin area, you need to go in 3rd column that is View Setting. You will there an option, “Filter”. In Filter, you have to click on Add Filter.

Give There Filter name as a YouTube Channel. Select Custom in Filter type. Choose Hostname in Exclude Filter Field. Type YouTube in Filter Pattern. Now click on save link.

Now you have to go in Google Analytics Dashboard. Here you have to click on in Admin Area. In Property Column, there will be an option for “Tracking Info”. Under Tracking info, click on Tracking Code. Copy this code. Now lets move to the YouTube channel.

How to Connect GA to AdSense

If you want to connect AdSense with Analytics, you need to just follow the instructions given below. If you connect analytics with adsense. Then, it will give you a complete data about your site on Analytics. It can help to measure success and create strategy for a long life.

What do you have to do, just follow the given method below.

Go to google analytics > Click on Admin > Go to the Property Setting > Under Product Linking Click Adsense Linking. It will show you a new dashboard on that link.

If you have any AdSense account with that Gmail Id, It will show there. Choose Link and Click on Link Configuration > Where you have to choose the View option (Note: You can choose multiple view at a time). Click on Enable link then click on done. Hurray! You analytics linked with Adsense.

Check your report

Go to Google Analytics > Behaviour > Publisher


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