How to Create Google AdSense Account 2021

How to Create Google AdSense Account 2021

How to Create Google AdSense Account 2021
How to Create Google AdSense Account 2021

If you want to get AdSense approval in a while, so this article is for you. Because here, you will get a complete right method that works in 2021. Are you ready to know about How to Create Google AdSense Account 2021. If yes let’s starts.

What to do Before Apply for AdSense in 2021

Here you have to understand that before apply for AdSense in 2021. You need to make website awesome with at least 25 unique, useful, long, and fresh articles. Here is the 5 update which are related with the Content that you must know.

You know that content is the king. you can not ignore because AdSense is more focusing on content and website. Never forget this 5 magic google update that can affect your site.

1. Google Panda for AdSense

Always write unique content and there should be at least in-depth article. Because for affecting those site which are follow content rules, Google launched Panda/Farmer in February 23, 2011.

2. Google Freshness for AdSense

Google also loves fresh article, for you information. You should know that google has launched Freshness Update on 3rd November in 2011. The purpose of this update is to announce that freshness updates will get advantage.

3. Google Penguin for AdSense

You should be aware of it, that you can over optimize your content. Like Keyword Stuffing or Cloaking is the bad practice of Google Search Engine. For affecting these kind of site google launched Penguin update on 24 April, in 2021.

4. DMCA Penalty

As you should know that using copyright asses is worthless. If you use someone else images or content, it is going to hurt your site. To affect those site which are using copyright content or images, Google rolled out DMCA Penalty on 10 August in 2012. AdSense also don’t give approval if you use copyright content. Should Read to know more about Google Image SEO 2021.

5. Long Article for AdSense

If you want to get the AdSense approval in a while. So you should write long article. Google rolled out the In-depth Articles on 6 August in 2013. Therefore, you can not miss this update

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Create the best looking site architecture for users and google as well. If you would like to know more about it. You can read and know more about the site architecture on Alexa Blog. It is mandatory for Desktop and Mobile as well.

Keep updating your site, there should be some organic traffic on your site. It should be connected with google search console, and Google Analytics. All the important Page Should be maintained before apply for AdSense.

How to Create Google AdSense Account 2021

Go to Browser and search Google AdSense. You can click here to simple for going there. You would have to use the Click on Get Started. That is also known as sign up. It is simple to do. Put the link of your website, which is ready for AdSense. Then put the Email ID. And Click on Save and continue.

Then you will arrive in a new dashboard. In that dashboard, you will have to click on Sites.

When you will click on Sites, you will get an option of “Add Site“. Click on Add Site, It will ask you to put the Website URL. You have to simply put website URL there.

For WordPress Users

As you put there website URL and click. It will show you Publisher Code. If you are WordPress User, You just go to the WordPress Admin. and search plugin for Insert and Footer. On that Plugin, you just need to put this publisher code in header section. And click on save, come back on the AdSense and click on Request Review. Hurray! You code was found by AdSense. Now you have to wait for the approval.

For Blogger

You just need to copy the code, either you can go to the Earning tab on Blogger. On earning tab of the Blogger dashboard, You have to just follow the method given there.


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