How to Delete Instagram Account

How to Delete Instagram Account: Step by Step with Simple Words

How to Delete Instagram Account
How to Delete Instagram Account: Step by Step with Simple Words

There may be several reasons to delete Instagram account. Some of you may think to disable Instagram account. But sometimes, you don’t want but due to the communities guidelines, you Instagram account gets locked/disabled/deleted, etc.

If you have two Instagram account and you want to continue one account. And you think to delete second Instagram account then you can process it. There are many other factors behind it. But here you are going to know the real and super answer of your queries “How to delete Instagram account”.

How to Disable Instagram Account

For disabling Instagram account, you should follow the directions given below in a simple and easy words. For you information, you should know that if you disable Instagram account for a short period. Means Temporarily disable. It is simple to do. But here you should know that you can not see your likes, comment, photos, and profile, etc. It will hide from Instagram until you don’t reactive your Instagram account.

1. First of all you have to go to on Browser, such as Chrome, Opera, Edge, etc. Then there you have to type there ““. Otherwise you can click also on the link. If you click then you have to login your profile with your user name and password.

2. After arriving on the Instagram dashboard, you just need to click on the profile image. As you click on the link, you will go the a new page.

3. Go below there will be an option named “Temporarily deactivate Instagram account“.

4. Click on the link you will get a new dashboard, where you have to just put answer in two  field.

5. In first field, you will see this one Why are you disabling your account?. You have to just click on the link. you will see there some option, choose the right option as you think, it fits.

6. Then, you have to just put the password on the To continue, please re-enter your password, on the column. You will your Instagram Account Disable for a temporarily period.

How to Delete Instagram Account

If you want to delete your Instagram Account, then you just need to follow the process as mentioned below.

If you any have doubt regarding deleting your account. You should not delete your account, instead you can disable your account.

But if you are sure, then you can follow the given method. for you information, I would like to say you that, Instagram keeps 30 days in a request process.

1. First of all you have to click here to go to the delete account,

2. There will be a field with your user name such as “Why do you want to delete Username?

3. You have to choose from the field.

4. then you have to enter your password of you Instagram account

5. As you click on delete account below the dashboard, you account will be hidden for 30 days. And after 30 days you account will be deleted.



I hope, you have gotten the answer of your queries in a systematic manner. If you would like to increase you knowledge more. Also if you have any kind of queries related to the Instagram account, just give us a quick message.

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