How to Make Instagram Account Professional? 10+ Examples

How to Make Instagram Account Professional? 10+ Examples

In 2021, if you want to increase the no. of buyers through your Instagram account. You need to create an attractive Instagram account. What do you mean by an attractive Instagram Account. If you are finding answer of How to Make Instagram Account Professional? Then, you are at the right place.

First of all you have to understand difference between personal profile and Professional Profile. Because in Professional Profile, you got many features.

For those people who haven’t created Instagram account till now. They can follow the simple and easy directions given here How do I create an Instagram account?

There are some limitations and benefits to having professional Instagram account. We will understand it with some important factors such as Privacy of users, Organic Reach, Instagram Insights tool, etc.

If you are a professional or a business or building a brand, there is no benefits to keep your account private.  For this you should come to professional  account from personal account.

Owner of Instagram, Mark Zuckerberg has also explained in his statement to keep customer first. Therefore, if you change your account from personal to professional, your organic reach will decrease.

Instagram Insights tool is the very popular free tool that provides you deep analysis about your profile. If you are on professional Instagram account then you can take advantage of this tool.

If you want to link your Facebook page with your Instagram account then you need to create professional account.

Neil Pate Professional Instagram Account Example

Neil Pate Professional Instagram Account Example
Neil Pate Professional Instagram Account Example

If you search on Instagram @neilpatel you will get his profile. It is looking attractive and everybody will try to create profile him. So, here we will try to learn from his profile.

1. Name: Neil Patel (Here it is simple use your name, there is no new)

2. Public figure (this is one is category part, only professional users can get the advantage to put this on their profile. If you want to keep it, you’re most welcome. It will help others to judge about your profile quickly.

3. Profile: This is a crucial part of any social media. What should be there so that everybody will love that. This is the right time take time to think some of the great work you have did in past. or any emotional part of your life that you can explain in a few words. Or who are you? Purpose of you for society? How can you help to your users? Why do your users will follow you? What you can provide them? These will help you to think for finding the great content for your biography.

4. Link: Where do you want to your users to arrive? Is it your website, of phone number,, or any other social media. You can put there. Most of the users keep there bitly URL for tracking purpose, but if you are arriving users to website, you can check it on Instagram as well.

How to convert Instagram Account Personal to Professional?

It is very simple to do, you have to go to the Instagram account and there will an option “Setting”. Click on Setting and it will show you many result. You just need to click on setting and then there will an option “Switch to Professional Account”, Click on that and choose Business. As you choose business, Hurray! You have switched your account to professional account.

Steal Ideas from the 10+ Examples

There are 10 best profile in many sectors to steal ideas from there profile. It works really better. If you a great marketer then you know how to create a professional profile. For your information, you should be aware of the Instagram account. Here are the list of top 10

Steal Ideas from the 10+ Examples
Steal Ideas from the 10+ Examples


These all are the great profile here you can find the answer of your questions. If you have any doubt related to the Instagram or you want to keep yourself updated with Instagram information. Then you should keep yourself touch with us.

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I hope that, these are sufficient information for you to know about the How to Make Instagram Account Professional? I also shared the real life example with you how you can make your profile more attractive. And also, I share with you 10 profile ID in various industry, If you have any questions and want to know about any new ideas then let me know.

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