Never Ignore these On Page SEO Factor in 2021

Never Ignore these On Page SEO Factor in 2021

If you want want to rank in 2021, then you need to know about the top google ranking On Page SEO Factor in 2021.

Never Ignore these On Page SEO Factor in 2021
Never Ignore these On Page SEO Factor in 2021

It matters. As google used to say to give first priority to the users is the first era. When it was invented by Larry page and Sergey Brin. By the way, now Google has become more convenient about the SEO.

As you know that Search engine optimization is the practice of making your website useful for users. Focus on users’ perspective rather than search engine. According to the RankBrain, Your website need to optimize for some of the factors such as CTR, Bounce Rate, Pogo Sticking, Dwell Timing, etc.

1. Also you have to write the well optimized content for the website.

If you want to rank in 2021 or in future so you have to focus on content. According to the research, high quality and premium article should have at least 2500 to 3000 words. Articles should have images, reliable links, videos and no grammar mistakes. If you want to get traffic from organic clicks, you can not miss any important google updates. Must Read: 32 Important Google Update in History in 2021

2. Focus on User not Search Engine

You should focus on user not to search engine. It means you don’t need to write only unique content. Because the unique content is not valuable it has no use. Write useful unique content which can help you to rank fast on search engine.

Also, if you want to get organic traffic from here. Then, you don’t need to miss out the update of search engine.

Because sometimes if you write only useful content, but it has not uniqueness. Then, it has also no meaning. Therefore, you should focus on worthy content which is full of uniqueness and useful.

3. Leave Keyword Stuffing and Cloaking

Keyword Stuffing is like a needle that pinch search engine with a high pain. Therefore, it doesn’t like keyword stuffing, which you never use in your practice.

Cloaking is also a bad practice to apply. When you are showing your website users and search engine different manner. Search Engine, specially google does not like those website which has two source code, one for users and one for google. If you are using this, then you are apply wrong method to rank. It won’t work.

4. Focus on CTR: On Page SEO Factor in 2021

According to RankBrain, CTR is one of the important factor for google. You can check your report about his on google search console. It will show you under performance about your site CTR.

CTR is the average of (Clicks/impression) * 100. It says how many people are looking your site on search engine. Out of which, how many of them are looking website. The more CTR means users are attracting your website. It will arrive signal to the search engine that users are liking your site.

Therefore you need to increase the CTR of your site. CTR comes when users comes on your site from google search engine result page. In 2021, you can not forget to rank on google without working for Click Through Rate.

5. Decrease the Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate is important part of SEO. But for your information let me tell you hat in new google analytics, GA4. It has no option for showing bounce rate. So how you can check your bounce rate of site. If you are using old Google Analytics, you can see there.

Bounce Rate is a mathematical calculation that tell that how users interacting with your website. There are 2 option related to Bounce Rate or End Rate. If your website showing high bounce Rate.

For Decreasing the Bounce Rate, you need to put some engagement videos etc.

6. Improve Speed on Google Page speed

Never forget to optimize website for high speed. Site loading speed is the very important factors for search engine basically for Google. If you want to rank in 2021, you can’t ignore site speed. For this, there is a great tool called Google pagespeed which can tell your site speed in a minute.

It’s a free google website speed checking tool. But, most of the people can not understand it. Don’t worry about this. For you: Google Pagespeed with 6 Matrix: Simple with Step by Step.

7. Improve Technical SEO with Google Search console

Technical SEO has become more important in 2021. You can learn it with google search console. If you are on Google search console, you must have seen there enhancement and indexation related post.

If you put schema on your website. But sometimes, we make mistakes to mention in code. This is not good for search engine. But the great tool Google Search console, shows us where is the mistakes in content. It makes us easy to solve the problems.

If you  are new for google search console then for you.

8. Keep both eyes on Google Analytics

Keep both eyes on google analytics. Because it tells complete information about your users. As you know that it is a great free tool. Therefore, never miss this tool to use. If you are in 2021 era. Then you will absolutely learn about google analytics.

9. Check Website popularity on Social Media

Your website popularity matters on social media. If you post gest a lot of engagement and share on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Then, it will help help your site to rank on SERPs. But what do you know about this. You need to make post shareable and put social icon on the website. It will makes easy to share your post on social media.

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10. Optimize for Mobile SEO

This is last but not the least. If you want to get user on your website. then you should focus on mobile SEO rather than other things. There are many things to optimize your site for the mobile. Such as check mobile responsiveness, site loading speed, SSL certificate, robots.txt,, sitemap.xml.


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