The Beginners Guide to Google Analytics 2021

The Beginners Guide to Google Analytics 2021

There is a very big scope in Web Analytics Jobs, If you are new and want to become web analyst. Start with the The Beginners Guide to Google Analytics 2021. It is good for all the people who are in new in digital marketing, SEM/PPC or Search Engine Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Email Marketing Experts, other.

Let’s Start with the basics. Google Analytics is a online web analytics free tool that is a Google’s free service. Google acquired it on November 2005 from a company.

The Beginners Guide to Google Analytics 2021
The Beginners Guide to Google Analytics 2021

Home page of Google Analytics

Your Google Analytics is the overview of overall. Here you should understand that, there are 5 types of main report. These report has to be understood by you.

  1. Real Time Report
  2. Audience Report
  3. Acquisition Report
  4. Behavior
  5. Conversion Report

1. Real Time Report

Let’s understand these report one by one. Real Time Report tells the real time report. What users are doing, it will tell you on the spot. If users are on any where on your site from any where you can see on the real time report.

Before september 2011, analytics has not the realtime features. But Google launched it on 29 september in 2011. It tells each report in real time value. Most common option are in Google Analytics Realtime features are Location, Traffic Source, Content, Events, etc.

2. Audience Report

If you see below of the Real-Time in Google Analytics. There is an option that is Audience. Here you will get detail information about the users. Like Demographics, Interest, Geo, Behaivour, Geo, Technology, Mobile. Cross Device, Custom and a lot more.

It is a better tool to understand the customer of the business. It can help to grow the business in a high level. You can get there deep information About your customer’s age, gender, what technology they are using. Where is the interest of the customer.

3. Acquisition Report

First understand the meaning of the acquisition report of the customer. It gives us a detail report about customer, from there they are coming. User’s can come Direct, Paid Search, Display, Affiliates, Social Media, Other, etc. If you want to get the all traffic coming from the all channel. It gives report about the Treemaps. You can also see report of the users acquisition through Google Ads.

There is the best tool that tells about your website organic status only “Google Search Console”. In Google Search Console, you can get a lot of information like users click, impression, country, date, etc. You can link it with Google Analytics to get the information on analytics.

4. Behavior Report

In Behavior Report you know about the customer activity on your website. It tells very important things such as Page, Page Views, Unique Page View, Average Time on Page, Entrance, Bounce Rate, Exit, Page Value.

It also tell on which page most of the customer are coming on your site. And on which page customer are going from your site. It tells about on which page do you have to work more.

To check on which page viewers are coming on your website.
Behaviour > Site Content > Landing Pages

To check from which page viewers are going out.
Behaviour> Site Content > Exit Page

5. Conversion Report

In Google Analytics, you can get the conversion report. In this report you will know about the Goals, Ecommerce, and Multi-channel Funnels.

If you want to check about your goals report that you have created on your analytics you just need to follow it.

Google Analytics > Conversion > Goal

If you want to check the E-commerce report, you just need to follow as.

Google Analytics > Conversion > Ecommerce

For getting Multi-Channel Funnels Report, you just need to follow as:

Google Analytics > Conversion > Multi-Channel Funnels


I hope you learnt about the Google Analytics. If you have any doubt related to the google analytics, you just need to put the queries, in comment box below. If you want to learn more about the Google Analytics, tell me in comment. You can learn the basic of the Google Search console.  Thank you so much for reading this article.

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