5 Types of Keyword All you need to know about Keyword Research

5 Types of Keyword All you need to know about Keyword Research

There are many types of keyword, but all you need to know only 5 types of keywords which can play a very major role in keyword research. It is the basic part of Search Engine Optimization that is SEO. There are many tools available in the market to check the competitors and new keywords. But the problem is that how to conquer over it.

Types of Keyword
5 Types of Keyword All you need to know about Keyword Research

Here is a simple and basic guide to understand about the types of keywords with real life example.

Here are list of 5 kinds of keywords given below to understand it with the real life example.

  1. Buyer keywords
  2. Google ads keywords
  3. Keywords by length
  4. On-site keywords
  5. Targeting keywords

1. Buyer keywords

These kind of the keywords are proportionally connected with purchase funnel. If you are selling any kind of products or services then you need this kind of keywords. There are 3 kind of keywords comes under this such as Informational keywords, Navigational keywords, Transactional keywords. You can say these 3 as follows: Know, Go, and do.

a) Informational keywords

User use this kind of keywords he or she wants to know about the product such as what is the best mobile phone, best mobile phones functions, which is the best laptop, etc.

b) Navigational keywords

When buyer wants to search things with the company name such as vivo u 20 features, best Oppo mobile phone under 25000, etc.

c) Transactional keywords

This is the last stage for the customer, Her buyer shows his interest to buy product. Therefore they search keyword like best offer on HP laptop, best offer on Vivo u 20 mobile phone, etc.

2. Google ads keywords

These types of keywords are very important with the point of view for PPC or Search Engine Marketing. And the great tool to find theses types of keywords is Google Keyword Planner (GKP). Here it gives you 4 types of keywords as follows: Broad match keywords, Phrase match keywords, Exact match keywords, Negative keywords.

If you want to become PPC Expert or want to attract more relevant users through the paid marketing. Then you need to use this keywords strategically. suppose you are selling a blue vivo smartphone, now this is your keyword and we will try to understand these 4 types of keyword given below. Let’s know these in details below as follows:

a) Broad match keywords

In this types of keyword, you pay for broad level. It is good when you want to show ad for more people in broad level. In broad match level: Google understand it in a broad manner. When you have targeted blue vivo smartphone then google will bring this keyword in many manner such as navy blue vivo smartphone, best vivo smartphone in blue color, super red vivo smartphone, etc.

b) Phrase match keywords

In Phrase match keywords google give your result on phrase match basis. For example, your result will only show to your users when the word you have targeted will on the queries. For example you have taken a keyword “digital marketing”.

Then your website will only show when user will search like: best digital marketing, marketing by digital trainer, etc.

c) Exact match keywords

In Exact match keyword, your website will look when user search for exact match keywords. such as digital marketing class, best digital marketing trainer, etc.

d) Negative keywords

Negative keywords is something different from all of the 3 others. The purpose of this tool is to not show the result mentioned in the queries, which has been mentioned by us as a negative keywords. This is good when we think not to show result on those keywords.

3. Keywords by length

Keyword by length is a good for targeting techniques to most of the users. In this we target our users in 3 keyword techniques. I like this types of techniques. For example in this post the main keyword is “types of keywords” but I have really mentioned here medium and long tail keywords as well. Why? because I want to show this result on many keywords.

In this types of keyword, you got mainly 3 types of keywords given below with real examples.

a) Short Tail Keywords

It is a branded keywords. It is counted in a one word keyword or no more than 2 keywords. Google, Oppo, Vivo, Lava, Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, etc. It is a high difficulty keyword but it has very high volume.

b) Medium Level Keywords

Medium level keyword is important to attract users. Most of the marketer prefer this type of keyword. But you should use all 3 types in your content to make it more popular. digital marketing in Delhi, digital marketing in India.

c) Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keyword is known as the high conversion keyword but it has no such volume. It is wrong when you are targeting for the volume perspective, It is good if you are targeting conversional perspective.

4. On-site keywords

All the keyword are categorized as 2 types of keywords such as primary and secondary. Secondary also known as LSI means Latent Semantics Indexing keywords. For this post the primary keyword is “Types of Keyword” but the LSI keyword is “Kinds of Keyword”.

5. Targeting keywords

The important types of keyword is this. Here you have to understand about the 6 types of keywords: such as Branded keywords, Competitor keywords, Customer-defining keywords, Geo-targeted keywords, Market segment keywords, Product keywords.

a) Branded keywords

It can be understand with this name such as google mail services, yahoo mail services, means for getting the services we are using the name of the brand.

b) Competitor keywords

When you want to rank on those keyword which are related with your competitor. For example you are a Byjus company and want to rank for Vedantu. Because your audience is searching for online classes in Vedantu. You need to put this keyword in your content and it should be well written. Then, there will be highly chance that you will rank on this keywords.

c) Customer-defining keywords

In customer defining keyword we target our audience based upon gender or age. For example: milk powder for children, best shirts for men, blue color hat for women, etc.

d) Geo-targeted keywords

Geo-targeted keywords is simple to understand. It happens when you target a location through keywords. Such as chinese noodles, Assam tea, digital marketing in Sonia Vihar, etc.

e) Market segment keywords

This is also a broad level queries. It is a most common and generic keywords with high volume and high competition. For example; buy laptop, buy smartphone, digital marketing course, buy property, etc.

f) Product keywords

Product keyword is a type of words that tells about a company’s product. means any keyword with the brand name comes under this category. For example; hp mouse, dell laptop, vivo mobile phone, Surya Bulb, etc.


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