What is a robot and how does it work?

What is a robot and how does it work?

Today, through this article, I am going to tell you what a robot is and how it works and you will also get to know how many types they are.

In today’s time, it must be in everyone’s mind that what do robots do, some people even think that robots are really like humans because, in the world of Bollywood, robots are shown very arrogantly. So has our science really become so fast that our scientists have built such advanced robots?

In today’s time, there will be very few people who have not heard anything about robots. By the way, everyone must have heard something about robots from somewhere or the other. So, through this article of yours, I am going to tell you what a robot is.

What is Robot?

A robot is seen as a machine and is completely controlled by a computer and obeys its commands, They are so advanced that they can do any work very easily without any problem.

Robot mechanical, software, and electronic engineering is required to make any robot and it is made up of a mixture of these. Somewhere in this, these things are needed

Some robots are made in such a way that they can be controlled from outside and some robots are such that to control, they fit the control system inside the same robot.

Some people believe that these robots are like humans, but this is absolutely wrong, I would like to tell them that all these robots are very different from humans, it depends on their work, for what they are being made. Because every robot has a different job and it doesn’t matter how small or how big it is.

Every scientist makes any robot according to his work. If these robots were like humans, then they would also work like ordinary humans, they are made because they can do any work more easily than humans.

How does a Robot Work?

By now you must have come to know that what are robots. Every robot is made for some work and different types of machines are also installed in them, there are 5 major factors to get work done in any robot, which is something like this

1. Structure Body

2. Sensor System

3. Muscle System

4. Brain System

5. Power Source

To get some activity done in all robots, a physical structure is fitted in it, which is a kind of motor sensor system and at the same time, it has a computer brain to give power, which completely controls the robot’s body.

Robotic pistons are used to make the robot move and explore different directions. which fits his mind. Accordingly, robots are able to operate their bodies with ease.

This robot does its work by reading the article written by the scientist. If the same robot has to do other work, then in place of that article another article should be written and replaced with the first one. only then they will be able to do other work

Some of the robots that have been made so far have not been fitted with sensors, but some robots have been left that can hear and smell like a normal human.

what are the types of robots?

Whatever you have read in the above article so far, you must have come to know that what is a robot and how it works, now we will know that how many types of robots are there. If seen, there are many types of robots, but all robots have been kept separate according to their work.

Robots used on the basis of mechanics are as follows

1. Swarm

2. Mobile spherical

3. Swimming

4. Flying

5. Legged

6. Wheeled

1. Swarm Robots:-  When small robots work together on a single system, it is called a swarm and after all the robots are combined, the power they get is based on the interaction with the environment.

2. Mobile spherical:- This is a spherical robot known as Mobile Spherical Robots. If they are placed on any surface, then they start rolling and moving.

3. Swimming Robots:- The shape of this robot is just like a fish, which also swims in water, it was first launched by MIT University in 1989 for the People.

4. Flying Robots:-  These robots have been made in such a way that they are able to fly in the air, very small robots are found in such robots, which can easily do any kind of work, they can be used for search and rescue missions. can be done for. and helps find many people lost to natural disasters.

5. Legged Robots:- It is known for a type of mobile robot that provides movement to the joint, such as a leg mechanism, it is more versatile than a wheeled robot.

6. Wheeled Robots:- These types of robots can be operated only on the ground, these robots are used in designing and programming, these robots cannot climb stairs but they can climb if they are supported. The biggest feature of these robots is that they can easily walk in any kind of weather and rough place without any problem.

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Robots on the basis of work are as follows

1. Space Robots:- These are the robots that have been made to work in International Space and in today’s time all the work done in International Space is done with the help of these robots. In 2004, the first robot named Rover was sent to Mars.

2. Military Robots:- Most of these robots are used for security and they have also proved to be very good in terms of security. These robots can be easily sent where it is very difficult for humans to go and it is very easy for them to find the whereabouts of the enemies of any area.

3. Domestic Robots:- These robots are most commonly used in homes so that they can easily and quickly deal with household tasks like Dolphin Nautilus, Works Landroid, Alfawise Magnetic Vacuum Cleaner, Sweeper, Gutter Cleaner, etc.


So friends, whatever you read in this article, what is a robot and how does it work, by now you must have known that if you have some questions related to this topic in your mind, then you can ask in the comment box below. And yes if you like this post then don’t forget to share it with all your friends.


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