What Is A Router And How does It Work and Components?

What Is A Router And How Does It Work and Components?

The router is a type of electronic device which is found both wired or wireless and through these, we can connect many computers together. It simply means that a small router connects all the networks of one computer to another computer.

There will be some of you who will know about the router very well, but there are still many people who do not yet know what a API is and how it works, this post is for those who need to know about the router.

Many of you must have heard the name of the router because it is being used in every computer in today’s time. If you ever use the Internet without a mobile network, then it simply means that you are using the Internet through Wireless Networking.

What Is Router?

It is a type of networking device and is used when a computer forwards data packets between networks. This router works to transfer the internet such as web pages or emails, data packets, etc.

If seen, the API is also used in homes, which is known as Wireless Router, with the help of this, we can do all the facilities of the Internet without any problem.

In this also routing algorithm is used, the work of these algorithms is that the Input Packet Received has happened, to which device that packet has been sent. This is what we call Data Analysis

EX:-  The milkman is like a router, he gets milk from his shop. After this he is told at whose house he has to give milk and his address is also there, then he decides at whose house he has to give milk, after that the milkman understands everything and sends milk to the receiver. 

Now the same Ex. thing applies here

The “milk” is your data packet, just as the milkman had to deliver his milk, he finds the address of that address, similarly, through the routing table, the receiver’s address is automatically detected, after that it sends it to the receiver. 

how does the router work?

By now you must have known that the work of an API is to forward one computer network to another network.

You sent a message on Instagram from your laptop to your brother living in “UP”, who now converts his message in “UP” into a packet and sent it to a nearby API, now with the help of his algorithm it checks the routing.

Now all the API connected to this routing have different addresses, so it sends the packet to the router nearest to it, which has the IP address of that receiver. Then this router sends the packet to another router to be checked again. Now this API has reached the receiver that was sent

In the same way, a router keeps many networks connected together and at the same time keeps updating everything from time to time with its routing algorithm and all the routers maintain the information of the routers around them.

Router Components

As you have just read above that this is a type of electronic device which has many parts which are something like this

1. Network interface:- This operating system of the router has many types of network interfaces in which drivers are found. Through these drives, the API easily knows which WIRE is connected to which ports.

2. Flash memory:- To store the data of any operating system in this router, flash memory is required, although it is similar to a hard disk, it uses flash memory to store Routing Protocol, Routing Table and Routing Algorithm is done

3. Non-Volatile RAM:- A Memory Permanent is used in this because the backup and startup version of the operating system is stored inside it, it is used when the API is booted because all the programs inside them are loaded from this memory.

4. Central Processing Unit (CPU):- It is called the brain of the router, which only runs specialized software like Juniper Router, Juno as well as Cisco IOS, Cisco API running together and it manages all the components inside it

5. Ram:- Whenever we use the router, our operating system is loaded by RAM itself.

6. console:- The console itself is responsible for managing and configuring the router as troubleshooting commands are provided in the console itself.

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functions of router

1. This prevents the local area network from broadcasting.

2. It helps a lot in making routes between all the networks.

3. It also helps all the packets sent by the sender to reach the Receiver.

4. No matter how many networks are connected to this API but still it works without any problem.

Routing Table

1. Destination:- Finding the IP address of the destination where the packet sent by the sender is to be sent

2. Next Hop:- Finding the device’s IP address on the next network

3. Interface:- To have complete interface information on which network the sender has sent its packets

4. Metric:- Its use is that what will be the cost of all the routes present in the routing table so that whenever a packet is sent, it can cost very little.

5. Routes:- It is used to keep information about all the networks or devices connected to the router.

Types Of Routers

There are two types of routers which are as follows

1. Broadband Routers:- This type of router is used to do many things, it is used to connect computers and run the Internet.

2. Wireless Router:- These are the routers that are used in many homes and colleges in today’s time, which are completely wireless, they can run the router only inside its area, all the mobiles or computers in the area of this router can be connected in


I hope that what you have read in this article so far, you must have come to know about what is Router and if you liked this article of mine, then do share it with your friends and around you. If you still have some questions related to this, then you must ask in the comment box below.

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