What Is iOS And How Many Features Does It Have?

What Is iOS And How Many Features Does It Have?

There are also some of you who probably do not know what ios is, let me tell you that it is a type of operating system, which is similar to Android but devices made by Apple run in it.

Apple, which has made its own identity in the case of Android phones, has made its own identity. Ever since he launched his iPhone, his brand is getting a lot of praise. This is the software in which only devices made by Apple run like iPhone, iPad, MacBook

When it was launched, it did not know how to load many programs, so they got very upset, then they had to launch the mobile operating system iOS for its solution, which started working in all types of devices of today’s Apple. Whether it is iPod, iPhone MacBook, etc.

what is Ios?

This is a type of operating system that works only in devices made by Apple. First, the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices are known as iPhone OS, then when the iPad was launched after a few years, all these names were also changed.

ios use a multi-touch interface which has some kind of simple gestures so that all device can be operated smoothly without any problem like driving to the next page, finger swipe up, zoom in and zoom out, do, etc.

If we talk about its apps, then more than 2 million iOS apps are available in their own Apple App Store and we can run this app store on any mobile device.

iOS History

In 2007, an operating system iPhone was launched by Steve Jobs that only ran on iPhone OS X. Because it was a different version of the Mac, he wanted all of the web apps to depend on the iPhone.

Then he changed its name in the next year 2008 and instead gave it a new name iPhone OS. In 2011, the Apple company rebranded it as iOS, which is used not only in cell phones but in all types of phone devices. 

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how many versions of ios(iPhone) are there

iOS launched its first device on January 9, 2007, when it landed in the market, it was out of stock for sale at the same time, since then they have launched many versions, which are as follows.

1. iOS OS 1.x:-

It was first launched by Apple in 2007, which they only used the touch-centric system, when the logo of this device was used, they found it to be exactly the same as the operating system of Apple Desktops.

2. iOS OS 2.x:-

The Apple company launched it in 2008 with the 3G iPhone device. Apple users who had 1.x could upgrade their OS device. This Apple device introduced its users to a new ‘App Store’ so that they could run all their applications on iPhone and iPod

3. iOS OS 3.x:-

This device is iPhone OS 2.x. It was launched in 2009 after launch, but in this Apple, the company had provided a new feature to all its users in which they could use copy, paste feature.

4. iOS 4.x:-

It was released in 2010 with a new name. This was the first one made by him, which was not made for all devices, in that he gave this feature to his user that he could download any application to iPod Touch users for free.

5. iOS 5.x:-

This adaptation was dispatched in 2011. Also, was accessible for telephones after iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch third Generation later forms, and all iPads. In this, the new framework offered remote matching up with iCloud, iMessage, Reminders, Newsstand, and iTunes.

6. iOS 6.x:-

This version was launched in 2012, but it supports only 3x the first 4th generation and then later the 2nd generation Apple removed Google Maps and YouTube from the app in this version. After removing it, Apple created its new map, although these apps could be downloaded for free from the App Store.

7. iOS 7.x:-

This version came in 2013, this version completely changed the interface of all the earlier versions. iOS 7 launched the feature of wireless sharing in its system

8. iOS 8.x:-

After iOS 7, iOS 8 was launched at an event in 2014. Many new features were brought in this device such as the Apple Pay platform, Reader View Safari as well as changes in its user interface.

9. iOS 9.x:-

When iPhone 8 was launched and we got to see many new features in them, then in 2015, iPhone 9 was launched, in we have got to see those features were given in 8x Night Shift mode in this system. which can reduce eye strain to a great extent as well as allow them to use features like 3d

10. iOS 10.x:-

When it was launched in 2017, they completely removed the slide to unlock mechanism, which was replaced with the TouchID home button. Third-party app Voice Assistant could be used in this system. And in this, we got to see that this company has split its Control Center into three pages, first for General Settings, Audio Control, and third for Home Kit appliances control.

11. iOS 11.x:-

This version was launched by Apple’s company in the market in 2018, it was quite different from all the earlier devices throughout this operating system. The text was made bolder and a lot of changes were made to the Lock screen, Control Center as well.

12. iOS 12.x:-

This version of Apple has been recently launched a few years back in 2018, till now all the users liked the performance and quality improvement because they focused a lot on both these things. It includes some new features such as Screen Time, Emoji, Group FaceTime, etc.


I hope that what you have read in this article so far, you must have come to know about what is iOS and if you liked this article of mine, then do share it with your friends and around you. If you still have some questions related to this, then you must ask in the comment box below.

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