What Is Linux And What Are The Benefits Of Using It ?

What Are Linux And What Are The Benefits Of Using It?

Hardly anyone will know from you people that what is Linux, where and how is it used for this operating system. Like, if any system is seen, then Linux must have been used somewhere in all of them, it is used in all systems, we may not know anything about this Linux but we definitely use it.

Linux has been launched 30 years ago from today, meaning the use of this operating system has increased a lot since then in the late 90s. and has made its way into almost all devices

Those who have used it must have known something about its use, but those who do not know anything about its use till now, let them know that these operating systems are still used today. Used in all devices. , which we also use, which means that it has become so important that it is used in the service of the Internet. 

In today’s time, everyone wants to use this operating system because it is the most secure, reliable, and error-free operator, and also their developers also easily customize them according to their own. and it’s pretty cheap too

So far some people in the world are deprived of this operating system, which is what Linux is, so I thought I can tell you everything through this article so that you can get all the information about it. And you can also share with all your friends

What is Linux?

It is open-source software that is available completely free of cost in the source code of the internet. and we can run it quite easily

Linux is a software that was completely launched and designed by UNIX, so it looks exactly like UNIX, all the developers of Linux can customize this software very easily because it is open-source software. And it is also considered very good and reliable for the computer.

Who is the owner of Linux?

Linux has an open-source license, so it is readily available to anyone, but Linus Torvalds is considered its director. There are many copywriters for the source code of this operating system. Therefore, this Linux does not belong to a single individual. It is now placed under the GPLv2 license.

Linux is such an operating system that many people have contributed to making it. And it was built many years so it was wrong to make one person its owner and now it is put in the collective form of GPLv2

How did Linux get started?

It was first created in 1991 by Linus Torvalds, a student at the University of Helsinki. The reason it was created by Torvalds as a free and open-source alternative to Minix OS was that it could be used in academic settings.

He first wanted to name it Freaks, but for this server, which Torvalds chose to distribute his original code with, he named its directory Linux, and Torvalds liked the name so much that he gave it that name.

Components of Linux Operating System

1. Kernel:-  It is considered the main part of Linux, its function is that it is responsible for all the activities that take place in it. And it also interacts directly with all the other modules available in it. Kernel blocks all low-level hardware details from accessing the system

2. System Library:- Its function is that using all the functions in the system, the system utility accesses the features of the kernel, it implements all the functions in the system.

3. System Utility:- It is the program that is important for the specialization of others.

Advantages of Linux

There are many of you who do not yet know what are the benefits of using Linux. It has some advantages which are as follows

1. Open Source:- As we told you that Linux is an open-source OS so it is available for free, it works in collaboration with multi-team. Which can enhance the full potential of Linux so it is always used.

2. Portable:- This portable software works seamlessly with all the hardware inside it.

3. Multi-User:- As its name suggests, this Linux software can be used by many users simultaneously. For example, memory, ram, etc. can be used.

4. Multiprogramming:- It is a multiprogramming operating system that allows a person to run multiple applications at the same time.

5. Shell:- It provides an interpreter program, it executes all the commands of the operating system. And also it can be used for other call application programs.

6. Hierarchical File System:- It provides a structure to all the files in our system so that all the files of the system are arranged and any user does not have any problem in finding the file.

7. Security:- The most important thing is that Linux gives very good security to its users. Such as password protection, data encryption, and specific files, etc. So that no cybercrime can be done on their data.

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What is Distribution?

There are many different versions of this operating system, which can be used by any type of user, there is a different version for the new user and a different version for the old user, this is what we call distributions.

Linux is divided into how many types?

It is mainly divided into three parts which are as follows

1. Fedora Family Systems

2. Debian Family Systems

3. SUSE Family Systems


I hope that you must have known about all that you have read in this article so far, what is Linux and how it is used, as well as what are the benefits of using it. But if you still want to know something about it, then you can ask your question in the comment box below.

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